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The craziest makeup trends of 2017

Which was worse: hair nails or squiggle brows?

2017 had a lot of ups and downs in style & fashion, and these people clearly were on the more -- unique side of the trends.

Which one of these crazy makeup trends were your least favorite?

1. Squiggle Brows: These wavy brows became an instagram-sensation and required an eyebrow pencil to create the fake squiggle shapes.

2. Neon Eyeliner: A trend that went wrong, this color-popping eyeliner went around the eyes instead of on the lash line. Yikes.

3. Christmas Tree Brows: Festive, but a major fail. Who wants to glue sparkle onto hairs of your skin?

4. Hair Nails: These artistic creation went wild on Instagram when w woman took little pictures of herself, glued them onto her nails and then added on black hairs. No thanks.

5. Glitter Hair: Though cute maybe for little kids, there's nothing worse than trying to shampoo glitter out of your hair for weeks on end.