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Iliza Shlesinger calls Seattle show a 'big warm hug without touching'

The actress, writer and comedian will do stand-up at the Paramount Theatre on Friday. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Actor, writer and comedian Iliza Shlesinger is bringing her stand-up act back to Seattle, nearly one year after she was forced to cancel shows because of the pandemic.

She’ll play the Paramount Theatre on Friday, September 24 at 7 p.m..

Tickets are available, and audience members who purchased tickets last year will be able to redeem them. Proof of vaccinations or negative COVID PCR tests are required for entry.

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb caught up with Shlesinger, who’s also expecting her first baby with husband and chef Noah Galuten.

HOLCOMB: "The very first remote interview that I did at the beginning of COVID was with you.”


HOLCOMB: "We were talking about hopefully you'd be back for shows in October of 2020. LOL."

SHLESINGER: "Big LOL. But, we're finally doing it! It's not as if COVID never happened, but we're going to try and put it behind us. While it's still in front of us. I'm really looking forward to the audience that has held onto their tickets. I waited for them, they waited for me, so it's going be like a big warm hug without touching."

HOLCOMB: "In the meantime, you've been in so many films, starring alongside the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Ellen Burstyn. Just small up-and-comers."

SHLESINGER: "Yeah, theater actors, day players. (laughter) There is a relief in being around people who are better than I am because stand-up is such a solo sport. All I have to do is show up, not mess up, and learn. It's nice to learn from people for free and get paid to be there, and it's nice to be around people."

HOLCOMB: "Your future is currently under construction... currently growing... I loved how you announced (your pregnancy) during a live show."

SHLESINGER: "Part of doing the announcement was I can't keep wearing these baggy clothes, it's so hot and uncomfortable, I need to be able to show my body. I was so nervous. I don't get nervous doing my set but I was nervous to share that because it's so personal and so scary, but it felt great. It was exactly how I thought it would feel and it felt tremendous."

HOLCOMB: "What are you most looking forward to about coming back here, and playing to the audiences here?"

SHLESINGER: "My husband is coming with me, he's never been to Seattle so even though I'm not from Seattle I'm looking forward to showing him the three places I know. We're making a little Pacific Northwest trip out of it, just taking like a week to get out of L.A. and try to find something that's a couple degrees colder."

HOLCOMB: "If someone recognizes you on the street, how should they proceed? Be honest.”

SHLESINGER: “Oh, people can always say hi. It always breaks my heart a little bit when someone DM's me later and are like, 'Were you at the Apple Store? I wanted to say hi but was afraid you'd eat me.' You can always say hi. But if you're not a fan, keep moving. People will never know the ways in which it warms my heart and how much I love every aspect of getting to go, and Seattle is one of my favorite cities. I love the rain. I still have my Seattle socks. I still watch Frazier every night, which is so sad. Who knows, maybe one day we move to Washington?"

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