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New movie 'Unplugging' looks at connecting with what's important

We all could use a little digital detox. #k5evening

SEATTLE — You may not bring your phone into the shower, but in the new movie "Unplugging," it's easy to see a bit of ourselves when it comes to our reliance on the web.

In the film, actors Eva Longoria and Matt Walsh play a couple who find themselves disconnected from each other, but very plugged into their own digital worlds. To help them reconnect, they decide to take a self-prescribed digital detox. But their remote weekend away from the internet crashes into chaos thanks to some strange sights and even stranger locals.

Like their characters, both Walsh and Longoria admit they too are guilty of spending a bit too much time online.

"I'm up at 6:30 a.m. and the first thing I do is clean out the incoming emails," Walsh said. "And then I'll glance through the news, and I'll hit the Wordle. And then next thing I know I've put in like an hour, you know."

"I am addicted to news," Longoria said. "And I've just gotten into the NFT space and cryptocurrency in a big way. So that is constantly moving so fast. So you have to read and read and read and read and I said, I just pulled the phone and I was like, I'm so tired of reading!”

Longoria also worries about her young son’s screen time. But she says she believes in a healthy balance over an all-out ban.

"You can't deny children technology, because that is the world that they are growing up in. So, you have to figure out how to incorporate it and how to manage it. But you can't go no phones, no iPad, like that's unrealistic."

Walsh, who also co-wrote the film, hopes "Unplugging" not only entertains but also acts as a reminder to focus on the things in life that matter most.

"There's little things we can do to sort of reinvigorate it and, primarily for the people we love in our life. I think you have to really create those spaces where you're not distracted, and you're truly invested in looking in the eyes of the people you care about."

"Unplugging" opens in theaters on April 22 and is available on-demand on April 28.

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