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Johnson & Johnson pulls skin-whitening creams from stores

The products have been criticized for portraying racism and colorism.

Skin-whitening creams are joining talc-based baby powder in Johnson & Johnson’s growing discontinued pile.

Here's the Buzz: The company announced it will stop producing products that lighten skin tones. They're predominantly sold in Asia, the Middle East and India.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness line and Clean & Clear Fairness line have been criticized for portraying racism and colorism.

Johnson & Johnson says the product will likely still appear on store shelves until stocks run out.

Yoga domes become newest fitness craze

Just last week, workout pods became more popular in gyms and now yoga domes are becoming the next fitness craze.

Here’s the Buzz: The clear bubbles are spaced apart to protect you from catching the virus from someone else.

These particular bubbles are supposed to mimic 'hot yoga', so the domes have a built-in heating system.

More video subscriptions amid pandemic

Although video streaming subscriptions are up amid the pandemic, so is streaming fatigue.

Here's the Buzz: A new study reveals, 80 percent of consumers now subscribe to a paid video streaming service.

Subscribers now pay for an average of four services, up from three before the pandemic.

17 percent of subscribers have canceled a video service since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortnite removes cops

The latest season of the popular video game Fortnite launched last week and some players have noticed the absence of police cars.

Here’s the Buzz: According to wall street journal, a person close to the game's development team says it's not exactly a political statement but more so being sensitive about issues many people in the audience are dealing with.