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Things to keep the kids occupied if the power goes out

Parents, armed with these ideas and a few flashlights you can save your sanity.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Okay, parents. We know what you're going through when the lights go out. What to do with the kids. Well, here are a few ideas.

MAD LIBS: Do you remember this hilarious game when you were a kid? If you didn't then welcome to the magic of the Mad Libs books. It's this simple. The leader has the story in hand with blanks labeled "noun" or "adjective" and other parts of the grammar tree. They ask each person to give them what the blanks are asking for. When you go back and read the story with their answers it makes no sense at all and is hilarious for kids!

BUILD A HOUSE OF CARDS: Simple, right? Just give them a deck of cards and a flashlight and let them begin the difficult balancing act.

REARRANGE THE BEDROOM: Sounds like a chore but when they get the power to make their room their own they love it. It may even make them clean it more since they feel ownership of the room.

INDOOR CAMP OUT: Throw a blanket over a few chairs and a blanket underneath and you have a party! Let them put sleeping bags and pillows inside and spend the night. Your worries are over! 

OLD FASHIONED STARING CONTEST: First one that laughs loses. Simple, yet effective. The flashlights can even add a funnier effect to the game.

SHADOW PUPPETS: A well-placed flashlight and a blank wall provide the perfect backdrop for the shadow play to entertain all ages.

Hope this helps. If nothing else it gets them off screens. Hey, you might want to FAKE a power outage. LOL.