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Oh, so that's what that is for!

Eric Chilton shows us things we have seen or maybe even own but didn't know what they did.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — I was looking around the web recently when I stumbled on an article from Sportinal.com that caught my eye. It showed 25 everyday things that had uses most of us were unaware of. I even had some of these in my house!!

You can check out their website for the article but here are some of my favorites.

That little hole at the bottom of an airplane window. Did you know that is to relieve pressure so the climb in altitude doesn't smash the windows out?

A standard Starbucks lid is actually designed to be used as a coaster as well as a lid!

How about the oval-shaped hole at the end of the handle of some prying pans? Believe it or not, that is designed to hold the end of a long spoon so when you're finished stirring the food you can prop it in that hole and the round end will drip back into the pan!

The tab on the top of a soda can, after opening the beverage, can be twisted around over the big hole and will hold a straw steady.

Then there's the hole in the middle of a pasta ladle. That is actually just big enough that you can fill it with dry spaghetti and it should be the perfect amount for one serving of noodles.

There are many more in the segment below from the Four 2 Five show. Enjoy!