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This is hardly breaking news, but look how angelic Dolly Parton is in this photo

Dolly Parton's most recent tweet healed my soul, cleansed my wounds, and cleared my pores.
Credit: Dolly Parton

I was having a rough go of things.  

My favorite vending machine down in the doldrums of Channel 10’s basement wouldn’t release it’s very last bottle of Aquafina despite how many singles I shoved into the slot. When I settled for the lesser vending machine across the room, it flashed up a cool ‘Sold Out’ symbol and I trudged upstairs without my mineral-infused Dasani water.

The world, it seemed, conspired against my hydration.  

But then I came across THIS photo of Dolly Parton….

And, oh ladies, did it quench my thirst and heal my soul. 

Banished me totally from the cruelties of our world and into the safe embrace of her celestial stare.

I can't tell if she's descending from the heavens to redeem us like a blinged out angel, or ascending away from the crude severity of this realm. 

Maybe she's a benevolent ghost, caught between confines of fragile ether and not entirely of our world. 

I wasn't the only one who thought so. The photo racked up 10.6 K likes and 707 retweets on Twitter, inspiring comments like this....

Flair for the dramatic, indeed. Thank you queen, Dolly. 


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