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This play explores more than just the South in the 60s

Freedom Summer is part of the National Black Theatre Festival and it has people examining their lives.

There are lots of productions to watch at the National Black Theatre Festival but one, in particular, is turning heads.

it's called Freedom Summer and the stars of this show Mikayla Boxley and Sierra Michelle say it is one that makes you think.

"My character is about to set off on a crazy adventure of trying to help Mississippi's vote in 1964 which is the height of Jim Crow South with all of the Jim Crow laws," said star Mikayla Boxley, "The woman I play wants to be a leader and an activist and help her people have the same rights and equality as any other American."

Then there's the relationship between Mikayla's character and her sister who left her family to pass as a white woman.

"It's really just about two sisters who are trying to work out their own pursuit of happiness," said co-star Sierra Michelle, "one who wants to kind of escape and and and be a white woman because it's a better life for her. it's safety. And another who doesn't have that same liberty of passing as white."

The National Black Theatre Festival runs next week from August 1 to August 6th. For more information check out their website.

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