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New Year's Eve events are on, Triad bars prepare

While some people have decided to not go out for New Year's Eve, bars are putting safety protocols in place for those that do.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We are so close to starting a new year and while we go into 2022 still in a pandemic, some bars aren’t letting that stop them from celebrating.

Places like The Green Bean in Greensboro will still have their New Year's Eve event, a masquerade ball. But in addition to the masks over your eyes, they are encouraging a mask over your mouth as well.

"We’re trying to keep as much regulation as we can we want to celebrate but we also want to keep everybody really safe and that’s our main goal,” said April Miller, General Manager of The Green Bean.  

The regulations include encouraging people to wear a mask, maintain social distance, all while having fun.

The Deck in Jamestown is doing something similar Friday night. Owner, Wade Gabel, said there are hand sanitizing stations, temperature checks, and the option to wear a mask.

“We are an outdoor facility so for the most part we are outdoors. This is our smaller front indoor bar but there’s a lot of square footage outback and there will be plenty of clean fresh air back there,” Gabel said. 

After having to close down for a period at the start of the pandemic, Gabel said he is just happy to be open.

Gabel said, "A lot of my brothers didn’t make it so we’re gonna be playing from behind the eight ball for a long time trying to build up our bank accounts that we already dwindled, keeping things in the middle of the road. So an opportunity like this is livelihood, we’ve got to do it."

Places like the Millennium Center in Winston-Salem said their reserved table event will require masks when not eating.

The Bearded Goat and Blind Tiger are also requiring masks for their New Year's Eve event.