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Tanya vs Tim: NC Trail knowledge

Eric Chilton is your game show host as we pit these two "smarties" in a battle of North Carolina trail trivia.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — There is nothing like a good old fashion trivia game and it is always better when you pit two friends against each other. I decided to get two of the outdoor-sy hikers in the station to see how much they know about the trails of North Carolina.

So, every month Our State Magazine, my favorite, puts out a quiz on a different topic covering one aspect of our beautiful state. This month, it is all about hiking. So, I used the quiz as my source of info and got Tanya and Tim to login, and off we went, complete with sound effects and dancing.

You have to see this one for yourself. Note: Tanya is a VERY good guesser. LOL.

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