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UNCG student and cancer survivor gets the surprise of her life

Molly Oldham was featured on a national show recently for her kindness.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Molly Oldham is not your normal college student. She isn't even your normal theater major. According to her friends, she is as genuine as they come and she deserves a little happiness more than most.

You see Molly is a young cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year and fought through it defying the odds. 

"She literally had to learn how to talk and walk again after the surgery," said you better have some tissues nearby. her mother Bunny Oldham, "We knew she would be okay when the first thing she did coming out of surgery was sing."

Molly has always been an entertainer. She loves to make others happy. It's not the applause that drives Molly.  Her friends said she is always trying to make others smile and after going through what she had to go through it was time to give Molly a little love instead of the other way around.

Enter a national tv show called "Random Acts"

They heard about Molly's story and planned the surprise of a lifetime. They secretly arranged for Molly's family to surprise her at a virtual performance but that's not all. They even got Molly's idol to show up to sing a duet with her. A performance Molly thought would be with her and her best friend in the UNCG theater department.

When you watch this video you better have some tissues around.