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Useless random trivia time!

Eric Chilton is back with more watercooler fodder for you.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — So todays trivia is truly random. There's something for everyone so lets get into it!

Of course, we all know that a tiger's fur has stripes but did you know that their skin is striped as well? I just want to know who was brave enough to find that out!

Here's a weird one. Your taste buds dont work as efficiently at higher altitudes. Therefore things lose some of their flavor when you are in an airplane! Maybe that's why we love salty snack on flights.

We all loved the movie E.T. But did you know the sound effect when he walked was created by someone squishing their hands in a bowl full of jelly?

Let's talk about Sea Lions. Yes, they are adorable but did you know they are also musical? They are the only known animal that can clap to a beat.

We are all familiar with the big "Hollywood" sign out in L.A. but it wasn't always the word Hollywood. Pre-1949 it said "Hollywoodland" which was a section of town. Some locals complained that the sign was an eyesore and too big so they voted to shorten it to Hollywood to make it smaller and also to represent the entire area and not one section.

And finally, let's talk about Russia. Did you know they have less than half the population of the U.S. but man, are they big in size. While the U.S. has 4 time zones, Russia has 11!

Now you know.

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