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Fan cut-outs are coming to Wake Forest football. But this one takes the cake!

Eric Chilton introduces us to a group of former students that may have the greatest "cut-out" story of all.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Zack Schutt is very close with his fraternity brothers. If you know anything about fraternity brothers, playing jokes on each other is a rite of passage. Well, this one is one of the best stories you'll hear for a long time.

As you may or may not know, Wake Forest is hosting ESPN's College Game Day this Saturday for their game against Clemson. The marketing staff is selling fan cut-outs to place behind the anchors since COVID-19 rules prohibit the usual college crazies to stand behind the set this year.

It costs $60 for placement "somewhere" but the $120 fee gets you what they call premium placement of your cardboard self. We're assuming that could be the first few rows.

Now back to our heroes. Zack and his brothers decided to get the best picture they could find of one of their lovable buddies to use for the cut-out (and by best we mean the most embarrassing). They pooled their money to make sure they got the premium placement. They did and now he said they're waiting until Saturday when they're all gathered to watch the games in their respective homes and wait. They're waiting for the cell phone to light up with calls from their "buddy."

Yes, it is only a true fraternity brother who goes to these lengths to make sure a prank is executed.

We will reach out to the prank victim after Saturday to get a reaction for sure.

One thing you can bet on. Revenge.

Stay tuned.