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When classical meets bluegrass

The Winston-Salem Symphony has an incredible virtual concert lined up for you that doesn't come along that often.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Here's part of Eric Chilton's interview with bluegrass musician Patti Hopkins about her collaboration with the Winston-Salem Symphony.

ERIC: This is the coolest thing I've ever heard. Explain to me how this marriage between these two music styles happens on stage.

PATTI: We played a program called a Bluegrass Mass. It's a piece written for a choir and bluegrass bands. We have a full chorale singing in English and Latin and you have a five-piece bluegrass band and we meet in the middle.

ERIC: That is a lot more difficult than you just made it sound. So does the symphony actually play with the bluegrass band?

PATTI: We do open the concert in the first set with a string quartet.

ERIC: You know music is music no matter the genre. Do you find that to be true in this case?

PATTI: It really is. It's a really interesting piece because classical music you know was born from the castle's down and the grassroots music here in America started at the bottom and went up. So we're meeting in the middle and it's a really interesting sound.

You can get tickets for the show on the Winston-Salem Symphony's ticket page.