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Boating and fishing is big, especially with the holiday weekend

Marine suppliers see boost during pandemic.

LEXINGTON, N.C. — Rock Outdoors was one of the few businesses that flourished during the pandemic. Marine manager Amy Vestal says it all just fell into place.

"We were considered essential since we work on motors and transportation so we never had to close.  And the 6 foot social distancing rules could be honored when you're boating on the lake. Plus lots of people took their free time to get their water crafts serviced before the season got into full swing so our maintenance division got a great deal of work." Vestal said.

Add to that all the free time for people to get to the lakes and you have a recipe for success for a marine based business like Rock Outdoors.

"Everyone needed a psychological break from all this anxiety over the virus and the lake and a boat are the perfect way to escape." said Vestal.

If you need more information on Rock Outdoors check out THEIR WEBSITE.

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