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Only about 1 person a year can finish this sandwich.

Mac's Speed Shop's "Fat Boy Challenge" is not for the faint of heart.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You've probably never seen a sandwich of this size. I mean the bun looks like an entire loaf of bread. You've got brisket, pork, bacon, onion rings, a cup of melted cheese not to mention the other toppings AND a bowl of mac and cheese to boot.

It's all part of the Fat Boy Challenge. If you can finish it all in 60 minutes or less you get a prize pack of goodies and you're name on the Wall of Fame. Plus, the 65 dollar sandwich is totally free.  If you don't finish it your name goes on the wall of shame!

The head chef told me that most people can't handle it and many get sick. Mac's Speed Shop actually makes you sign a waiver before you attempt it.

If you don't want to tackle that giant sandwich there's a junior version that is filled with goodness as well in a more normal package.