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Triad couple builds a "spaceship" in their front yard

Bob and Karen Niemczyk used their expertise as an engineer and an artist to give people a break from tough times.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Bob and Karen Niemczyk aren't your usual couple. Bob is an engineer at Volvo Trucks, Karen an artist that utilizes computer parts and electronics in her works of art. They took their brilliance and creativity and meshed them together for what neighbors are calling a "spaceship".

"Karen was planning on putting these cloud-like objects outback and hooking up a misting system to cool us down during the hot summer months," said Bob. "But then I got to thinking and it all changed."

"Bob came back to me and said what if we make a spaceship? I looked at him and said, sounds good to me," said Karen.

So off they went to construct a Jetsons-like interactive experience in the front yard. Most of Karen's art is interactive so it fit her like a glove. Now it's the talk of the neighborhood....but in a good way,

"Our neighbors have been very supportive. In fact, we are told now that the piece has changed the walking patterns of people in the evenings." said Niemczyk

The couple is planning on adding more to the spaceship in the next few weeks.