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These teachers thank their jobs for their marriage

For Kevin and Kris Wheat the Guilford County School system is more than just a job.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Ask Guilford County Schools principals Kevin and Kris Wheat what they love most about the school system and they will say...their marriage.  The two met while attending GCS schools when they were younger and now are both principals in the same system and have at times even worked together in the same school.

"Back when we worked at the same school the students really loved the fact that we were married. We would even pass notes to each other in the hall between classes," said Kris Wheat, "The students had so much fun with that."

"Once I was the coach of a sports team and when asked who I wanted for my assistant I asked for my wife," said Kevin "We really don't have a problem working together as husband and wife like some people do."

Kevin is now the principal at Allen Jay Middle while Kris is the principal at Johnson Street Global Studies.