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How a Triad woman turned beautiful handwriting into a living

Maghon Taylor's "All She Wrote Notes" store is a big hit both online and in-store.

GIBSONVILLE, N.C. — Maghon Taylor said her mom is probably the reason for her handwriting empire.

"So, my mom spelled my name all crazy. M-A-G-H-O-N. When I was younger I could never find my name in monogram stores or even those key chains at the beach so I decided I would learn how to label my own way," said Taylor, "So, I started handwriting in a way that is almost a font to itself."

And from there she started a business. Selling items with her "font" on anything you can think of and it turned into a very profitable online business.

"I was thrilled. From there I did a children's book with a character called Betty Confetti. She was a young girl that wanted to always do things perfectly. She tried over and over to draw her name perfectly but she would make mistakes and put all of her colored paper into a shredder when she messed up," continued Taylor, "But she realized that God allows us to make mistakes so we can learn from them. She looked inside the paper shredder and saw all this beautiful confetti-like paper and realized that mistakes can sometimes be a beautiful thing."

After traveling around and selling her book as well as teaching handwriting workshops she went to the next level and opened her brick-and-mortar store in early May 2022.

"Now I have an actual place to sort of be my headquarters," said Taylor, "I really want people to come here to buy the items as well as learn how to do this themselves. It's a passion of mine to share this talent so others can enjoy it as well."

If you are interested "All She Wrote Notes" is located at 108 East Minneola St. in Gibsonville, NC.

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