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How the pandemic has affected home building

Builders say the pandemic has changed what we want in houses.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We all know that the pandemic has affected us in ways that we would've never expected, including how we look at our homes.

I spoke with Tom Garcia of Southern Evergreen builders who says the home office is the center of attention these days.

"One of the most common things you will see from now on is a dedicated home office. All the homes have this these days and it is a direct result of the pandemic since so many people are working from home," says Garcia, "Another thing we are seeing is touchless faucets and water elements as well as light switches. This too is another byproduct of the pandemic. Cleanliness has become a thing in new homes as well as full home automation."

If you visited the Parade of Homes this year you will notice the change in styles as well.

"There are lots of greys and blues but even whites are back in open spaces," continued Garcia, "Especially in the kitchens. I mean, we think about our parents or grandparents kitchens used to be in all white. Well, it is back. You will walk into a lot of kitchens this year in new construction and see whites and greys. People like that clean look and I think this relates back to the pandemic."

Even in outdoor spaces, Garcia says people are "nesting" and part of that is having outdoor living spaces.

"We are seeing a lot more attention to the backyard staycation idea. The fireplace or the televisions outdoors tend to be the centerpiece of all outdoor areas. As well as the sliding glass doors that slide into the walls and really make the outdoor area just an extension of the inside," said Garcia.

Visit the Triad Parade of Homes this weekend for more images of new construction and the trends therein.