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This local restaurant buys the best quality of meat anywhere in the USA

The best meat comes from a "Kau".

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When Kayne Fisher was 15 years old he had a dream. A dream to open a restaurant and butchery combo that would offer the finest meants anywhere.

Now, that dream is a reality. His restaurant "Kau" is changing standards for good food in the Triad. Fisher says there are three grades of beef from the USDA. Prime, Choice and Select. Every piece of meat he buys at his restaurant is "prime". He says most restaurants, even the more upscale, only by Choice meats. Prime meats, according to the USDA's website is usually more marbled and is from younger cattle. It is quite simply, the best.

"Kau" uses that grade of meat throughout the menu and even in their butchery where you can get those fresh cuts daily to take home and cook as you see fit.

Eric Chilton sat down with Kayne to talk about a couple of their signature dishes.

Kau is located at 2003 Yanceyville St in Greensboro. You can call them at (336) 656-2410.