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Lexington police chief reflects on his career before retiring next week

Eric Chilton talks with Chief Mark Sink about his retirement.

LEXINGTON, N.C. — Chief Mark Sink is at a unique time in his life. One week before retirement he spends time each day reflecting on what his career has meant. It is a time that most wait for but all wonder what it will look like.

"I love what I do and there's a part of me that will miss this tremendously. But the time is right," said Chief Mark Sink, "I have served for 30 years and I have loved every minute of it."

When asked what memories stand out over the three decades of service he didn't mention particular cases or certain job responsibilities. He refers to his co-workers.

"What I have loved the most was the relationships. We have a great team and in every department that I have worked there were always good people that I stay in touch with to this day," said Sink.

Sink's last day will be Friday, February 26th and we wish him the best.