COLUMBIA, S.C. — Because of the coronavirus, more parents are schooling their kids at home. One Midlands mom had a funny video she wanted to share.  

One mom shared a video with WLTX, and wrote "This is how homeschooling is going at our house. 🤣🤣🤣 I thought it was too funny not to share."

The video came from Laura Jean Shugert and shows her two kids making a mess on the floor. The mess that the girls are sitting in is butter.

In the video, the mom asks what happened after seeing a slippery mess on the floor. 

"We put butter on the floor," one of the girls said in a matter-of-fact tone. 

When the mom asks why, "cause we wanted to, it's fun," was the response. 

Viewers can see one of the children taking handfuls from the butter container and counting to lather the floor.

"Are you supposed to put butter on the floor?" mom asks. 

"No," one of the girls says, while the other slips on the butter-coated floors and says "it's kind of slippery." 

"Sissy, maybe we shouldn't do this," the smallest one says as the camera shows both the girls wobbling around on the floor.