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My 2 Cents: A surprise birthday trip!

Eric Chilton talks about his wife's big birthday surprise trip and how he didn't know where they were going until the morning of.
Credit: WFMY News 2

GREENSBORO, N.C. — So, I have to brag about my wife. She totally surprised me for my birthday. So, technically my birthday is tomorrow (January 18) but she told me months ago to take last Thursday and Friday off for a surprise birthday trip but she wouldn't tell me where. On Thursday we left the house and I was packed up and ready to go. I was thinking that we were headed to the coast (my happy place) but I was wrong because suddenly she took a turn into PTI Airport.

When we arrived at the restaurant near the gate I see another familiar couple waiting there with 4 mimosas, one for each of us. They were going too!

Well, it was New Orleans that would be our final destination! This was big for me because I am a big jazz and Harry Connick Jr fan so I was thrilled. Now my wife flies to New Orleans for her client just about every other month so she knows the city backward and forwards. She had almost every lunch and dinner booked ahead of time. We ate our way through that city and the oysters were unbelievable!

So coming home at the end of the trip I thought to myself that I needed to talk about this on My 2 Cents.

The bottom line is to appreciate that special loved one in your life. My wife is the most beautiful, intelligent, loving, spontaneous, and humorous person I have ever known and I know how blessed I am to have her. Throw in that she's a great Mom and there's not much else left to ever ask for.

Thanks, Leslie, for not only the trip but for being who you are and making me and the kids as happy as we could ever want to be.

But that's just My 2 Cents.

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