RALEIGH, N.C. -- A North Carolina mother of four says she can plan for her kids' futures after winning a one-million-dollar taxes paid lottery prize.

The NC Lottery says Barbara Shields was driving home from Winston-Salem when she stopped at the Food Lion on Western Boulevard in Jacksonville. She recently won $2,500 on a scratch-off ticket, and she wanted to try her luck again.

Barbara paid $10 for a Taxes Paid ticket - and it turned out to be the lucky million-dollar one!

“I’ve got three teens,” Barbara said. “This is really big, it’s going to help us pay for college.”

A player who wins a top prize in the Taxes Paid game gets a check for the top prize amount with the taxes already paid. In Barbara's case, the actual top prize she claimed at Raleigh Headquarters was more than $1,430,000. After taxes, she took home $1,000,003.

The Taxes Paid game launched in April with four top prizes. Two winning tickets are still out there!