HOUSTON, Texas -- A frustrated mom’s post about a package thief had a happy ending thanks to a heartwarming show of support from neighbors in the Heights.

Lauren Kribbs was understandably angry to discover the package containing a Christmas gift for her young son had been stolen. She posted a message to the thief on the Next Door app Wednesday.

“If you’re out there, you’ve stolen a gift for a 10 year old autistic boy who doesn’t normally get much for Christmas,” Kribbs wrote. “It was a board game for him and I to play together during our family game night! Hope you feel awesome about it!... I’m furious ! And his heart will be broken!

Lauren Kribbs and her 10-year-old son Hunter. 

Soon, Kribbs anger turned to happiness after several commenters offered to replace the board game and buy other gifts for Hunter.

Kribbs encouraged them to donate to the Two Wheel Toy Drive instead.

“There are so many beautiful children who need a lot more than Hunter and I do,” she wrote. “Hunter knows the importance of helping kids out. He’s very giving and doesn’t ask for much because he knows all the other kiddos out there have it worse than we do.”

Kribbs is accepting toy drive donations at Salon Vive where she works.

She is also asking Houstonians to send Christmas cards to her son.

“He loves to open mail addressed to him! I think it makes him feel like he’s got more friends,” Kribbs wrote.

The address is:

Hunter Pruitt

627 E. 27th St.

Houston, TX 77008