Google has made us all art scholars.

The new feature in Google's Arts and Culture app combs through thousands of artworks to see if any look like you.

The app was originally launched in 2016 as a way to help users to look at art featured in museums across the globe without actually having to go to a museum. The feature uses Artificial Intelligence to find matches, by examining your facial features and then comparing it to paintings in Google's database.

We already knew your selfie was a masterpiece, but is it a renaissance painting-- or maybe it's post-impressionism?

Celebrities have already gotten in on the fun.

Actress Felicia Day can't choose which one is her favorite.

"The Big Sick" star Kumail Naniani found a mixed media on wood artwork with a 59 percent match to his selfie.

And actress Busy Phillips from the "Freaks and Geeks" fame matched with William Hardin's portrait of Charles Lindbergh.

I win?

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1. Download the Google Arts and Culture app on your phone.

2. Go to the homepage in the app. Scroll until you find the section that says, "Is your portrait in a museum?," then click "get started."

3. Allow Google to access your camera by clicking, "I Accept."

4. Snap a selfie! It doesn't allow you to upload a previous-taken selfie yet, so for now you must take one through the app.

5. Swipe to find your doppelganger.

We found side-by-side shots of some of our reporters and anchors here at WFMY News 2.

Gallery: WFMY News 2 Art Museum Look-Alikes

Try it again from different angles and faces and see what comes up! You can share your selfie matches with us on the WFMY News 2 Facebook page.

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