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Small business still survives on relationships and work ethic.

Penland Frame Store is in its 24th year and says the pandemic may slow them, but it won't stop them.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When Noni Penland started her framing business she had no idea that it would still be around 24 years later, but here we are. Even with the current situation her business still produces quality work.

"It definitely changed the way we do things but we adjusted so we can still conduct business. I have had a great staff over the years. We are a small group but we pulled together." said Penland.

Some of her staff has been there since the first few years and are still putting in the work with no complaints. They even say it is an art form.

"Framing isn't just putting a piece of wood around a picture. Each frame is really like a piece of art. I always say its like art around the art."

The shop has done some incredible artsy pieces and even some famous items as well.

"Once I had the pleasure of framing a dress worn by Princess Diana. That was an honor."

The store is located at 712 West Market street in downtown Greensboro. You can also check them out on their website.

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