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A playwright's forum binds the arts community for decades

Creative Greensboro's Playwright Forum has been around for nearly 3 decades and still going strong.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The mission of The Playwright's Forum is to help local playwrights get published or produced through contacts, marketing and improving their skills.

The collaborative nature of this arts think-tank is second to none.

"We are successful because even though there are many other forums like this across the country we are one of the few that actually produce the plays we work on," said director Todd Fisher.

"We meet monthly and every time we go over our writing assignments and bring in as many other people associated with the arts to tweak and grow our writings to where we can present them", continued Fisher, "the idea is to end the sessions with a evening of short plays which we present twice a year."

The program has a yearly fee of $30 and open the members to a host of resource the least of which is simply the connections withing the members.

Fisher said, "We even have some people who didn't even think about writing as a skill. They were just coming to see what it was all about but when they leave they have embarked on a new found passion for writing, acting or even directing.It is truly a wonderful place"

You can find out more at the Creative Greensboro website.