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Did they like your Christmas gift? How you can tell!

You can tell if someone is going to dislike the gift you give, but there are ways to smooth the situation

GREENSBORO, N.C. — No matter how old you are, everyone enjoys getting a Christmas gift. If you're like most people, you want others to like the gifts you buy for them. As hard as you might try to find the perfect gift, you might fall short. There are ways to tell if you watch their body language. Everyone knows to be gracious when they receive a gift, but their eyes and lips might let you know that they're not crazy about your present. For example, you might see on their lips, but not in their eyes. This means that the outside corner of their eyes won't crinkle. Another sign is an exaggerated eyebrow arch that stays too long. Or, their nose might wrinkle just a bit. Or, they might pull their head back slightly. Or, they might twist their lips or straighten their lips into a tight line. All signs that they're trying not to show that they dislike the gift.

If you feel that they don't like your gift, you might decide to take the pressure off by giving them an out. You might say something like, "I wasn't sure what to get you. It's important to me that you like your gift. If it isn't something that you're crazy about, then please exchange it for whatever you'd prefer." And give them the gift receipt.

If you get a gift that you don't like, it's important to be gracious. You want to thank them for their thoughtfulness and point out something you like about the gift. You might mention the present's color, style, fabric, uniqueness, or usability. Then you can decide privately what you want to do with the gift, whether to regift or donate it.

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