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Don't ruffle feathers during Thanksgiving | How to defuse heated conversations

Some topics are politically charged, but you can have those conversations without getting into a screaming match.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — This Thanksgiving may be the first many families to get together again for a holiday in a year. But, that doesn't mean the holidays will be any less stressful. Families fight and debate, but that doesn't mean they love each other less.

Here are a few tips to keep the peace over the turkey.

If someone brings up masking or vaccinations, and you disagree, then listen. No one says that you have to engage in the conversation. Sometimes, all the person wants is someone to validate their point of view. You can nod your head, say "mm hmmm," and hear them out. This doesn't mean that you agree. This means that you're listening. Usually, this is all the person wants.

Sometimes people can have respectful conversations about political differences. 

Here are a few signs that a conversation starts to go south.

When the speaker's body language and mannerisms change, then pay attention. Usually, they'll talk faster, louder, and might say something like "yeah, but." The “yeah, but” is a way to dismiss what you're saying. Sometimes, they might get someone else's help in trying to convince you that they're right and you're wrong. You might see their palms down when they're talking or roll their eyes.

To diffuse a heated conversation, it starts with you

Watch your tone of voice and be sure that you're keeping your cool. You can point out that you and the other person see the situation differently. And then ask them to pass the pie. Or, you can tell them that you'll talk about the topic (politics, COVID vaccinations) later. Knowing that the conversation about the topic is paused usually is agreeable to most people. You might decide to say something like" "no politics at the dinner ta "le" as you keep your tone light and friendly.

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