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National Body Language Day is approaching!

Blanca Cobb explains how she came up with the National Body Language holiday.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — National Body Language Day is coming up this Friday. We tend to talk about body language on our show frequently. Did you know that I created this holiday? Let’s talk a little about why I did.

People are fascinated by body language and want to know how to read it and use it. I’ve been in the profession since 2010 and have been on national TV shows and quoted in worldwide publications for my body language analyses on celebrities, court cases, pop culture, dating, networking, relationships. There’s been a steady interest in body language over the years. Creating a national holiday for body language is a universal way to highlight the importance of nonverbal communication and help people understand it better.

People are fascinated by body language for various reasons. Reading body language is a silent, covert way to know what someone’s feeling. When interacting with someone, you get to play detective to find out if they love you, like you, trust you. Many people figure that reading body language is a shortcut to someone’s mind and motives.

You can help me celebrate National Body Language Day on your social media channels.

Post a photo of yourself or in a group showing a body language move. Highlight the gesture and/or facial expression and post on your social media with the #nationalbodylanguageday and tag me @blancacobb. You can also post questions or share observations about body language using the #nationalbodylanguageday and tag me @blancacobb. I’ll answer your questions if you use the hashtag #nationalbodylanguageday and tag me @blancacobb so I can see your posts.

Share your thoughts on my Facebook page: Blanca Cobb – Body Language Expert. Write a message on my timeline, and I’ll get back to you. While you’re on my page, I’d appreciate it if you give my page a “like.”