DANVILLE, N.C. -- Protect and serve...and help with homework!

That's how Danville Police Officers are building relationships and trust in their community.

The police department is involved in an after-school program called Danville Church-Based Tutorial Program (DCBTP).

Officers meet kids after school to build trusting relationships and even help with reading, writing, and math homework.

"We're public servants," said Danville Police Chief Dennis Haley. "We'd like them to know they can turn to us when they need help with anything."

So far, about 30 churches are involved in the program.

The officers will meet with kids at different locations for the rest of the school year. Program leaders are also working on organizing summer activities for the kids and officers.

Mr. Kenny Lewis is the Founder and Executive Director of DCBTP. He is a former NFL player for the New York Jets.