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Selfie experience takes over Tampa Bay

It's a world where you can take selfies and videos in more than two dozen mini photo sets.

TAMPA, Fla. — It’s the No. 1 selfie experience in the world!

A new way to take selfies and videos for social just got a little more interesting. Selfie Wrld Tampa is considered by one of the owners to be one of the most Instagrammable places on the east coast. Selfie Wrld is a photography studio/museum!

They pretty much have everything you need upon arrival!

You show up, pay by the hour ($20), and the clerk will hand over a ring light, which comes with a phone holder. You can even pair your phone with a clicker to take your pics!

There are more than two dozen immersive rooms you can choose from. A dinner, first-class cabin, a sexy jail cell, and more! There’s even a changing room in the back so that you can bring as many changes as you want! I mean, you might as well get 20 fabulous photos in 20 different places under one roof.

The idea of Selfie Wrld came together when three friends from elementary school decided to expand after co-owner/founder Ashley Wilkerson visited The Museum of Ice Cream. She described it as being pink with a sprinkle pool. Wilkerson said everyone had their phones out and taking selfies and videos around it. That’s when Wilkerson thought, why not create little mini photography studios, each with different themes. Thus, Selfie Wrld was born.

She joined forces with a couple of friends, and now they all co-own Selfie Wrld Tampa!

Both co-owners of Selfie Wrld Tampa Kendra Ollinger and Allison O’Brion said it was a no-brainer to choose Tampa as one of their locations!

The brainstorming started in November of 2020. They looked for space in January, contractors started building in February, and Selfie Wrld Tampa opened its doors in March.

Since then, famous, and non-famous social media enthusiasts have used the space.

Selfie Wrld also exists in a dozen more cities across the county and the company is looking for franchise owners. So, you could actually own one of these!