AZLE, TX – Friends and family of Sheri Johnson-Lopez call her ‘smiley.’

“Yes, because I’m always smiling and look at life positively,” she said.

She is an artist, a painter, wreath maker and mother to 5-year-old Zaydon. “For me, art is a stress relief. Let’s put it that way,” she explained while completing a large project for a client.

What you cannot see is how big of a heart she has.

“Of course, our service is about pride and honor and serving the citizens of Texas and the United States. Those flags – they make us proud,” explained Jon Reed, Azle Fire Dept.

Sheri volunteered to paint the United States flag and a Texas flag in the bays where trucks, pumpers and ambulances are kept for the Azle Fire Department.

At the first of the year, she’s putting Buzzy – the high school mascot – on the other side of the fire station. But this is her full-time job. So why would a single mom muralist do this for free?

“They protect me and my son,” she explained while becoming emotional. “I can’t do what they can do. But for me he’s my life. So, when I can give something back to them and honor them with the God-given talent that God gave me, why not?”

Sheri did not know them before she did it. She comes from a family of singers.

“It really means a lot to our hearts. It shows the true love and compassion. She cares what we do even though it’s part of our job. But it’s not a job. It’s what we do and love to do,” Lt. Joey Liddick, Azle Fire Dept.

Sheri drew another piece she calls ‘Cop Hero’ which shows a police officer in a cape protecting a child. That has gone to officers and departments across the country.

At 42, Sheri Johnson-Lopez is nothing more than a talented mother who appreciates her blessings and is grateful to give back.