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The 'wine fairies' are coming!

A Facebook group in the Carolinas is paying it forward with wine.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Cara Rindell prides herself on the fact that she and tens of thousands of other ladies wear tutus, wings and wands and delivers wine gift bags to friends all across the Carolinas! She is part of a growing organization across the country called The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Wine.

"It started in Western New York state and is now spreading across the country. I started the Carolinas group but now there are groups popping up in other states as we speak" said Rindell

The premise is this. You join the Facebook group and once approved you pick a close friend and get them a bottle of wine or a wine gift bag with wine and other goodies. But here's where it gets good. You have to sneak up to their house dressed like a fairy and deliver the bag without being spotted by the friend. You have to show photos or videos of this on the Facebook page. I can tell you first hand it's worth it to join the group just to watch the videos if nothing else.

But what about the guys?

"We have a brother type group that has started as well called the Brotherhood of Beer and Booze. These guys do the same thing with beer and liquor...and yes, they are still dressed as fairies" said Rindell.

The videos are hilarious and the bottom line here? Just pure fun and the idea of paying it forward. 


  • You can choose a complete stranger and do not need to pick a close friend - they do not share last names and only allow first names on the address list so actually you have no clue who you are choosing to surprise in the group and play ding dong ditch to.
  • You do not need to be "wined" first in order to spread the cheer to another stranger.  They actually encourage you to select a person/people from the list to surprise while you wait for a fairy to visit you 

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