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This restaurant takes "farm to table" to a new level

Cille and Scoe opens this weekend and it is truly a family business that redefines 'farm to table'.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We've heard the term "Farm to Table" for years now but rarely do you see a restaurant that takes it to the level of Greensboro's newest addition.

Cille and Scoe opens this weekend and owner Tara Mosely says its a unique situation.

"We've been working on this idea for some time now and it's finally happening," said Mosley, "My father commented that he as always wanted a farm and with my husband's experience in the food industry we really thought we were on to something."

The families bought about 60 acres off of highway 150 and are now not only farming there but they are making it into much more.

"We decided to actually live on the farm, grow the crops and take them right to the restaurant. We are in the middle of the construction as we speak. Until then we are living in campers and making this work," continued Mosley.

As far as cuisine is concerned Mosley says it will be southern food but with a healthier spin.

"We believe that food can still be classified as comfort foods but not be so heavy," said Mosley.

If you are wondering about the name, The restaurant was named after Tara's husband's grandparents Lucille and Roscoe who grew their own crops to cook and serve as well.

If you want more information check out their Facebook page.