Eastover, SC (WLTX) - Eastover resident Elease Jones remembers when she lost all of it in the 2015 flood.

"It hurts that you lose everything, and mainly a lot of stuff I lost of my mother..." Jones said, unable to finish her sentence.

Remembering the flood was hard for her to talk about. When Jones got out of bed, she says the water was already to her knees. She had been at home alone, and her family couldn't get to her.

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She later found out her house would be a total loss, but still found reason to thank God.

"I thank God for everything, that I came out alive," Jones said.

Alive, and into a community who jumped into help.

"She salvaged some of her clothes, but she couldn't salvage anything else and that was devastating," said Bernice G. Scott with the organization Gospel Hammer.

Gospel Hammer and several other groups rebuilt Jones' home from the ground up.

"Mold had started climbing the walls, so we had to tear it all down," Scott said.

Two years and a lot of work later, it was time to move back home.

Jones says she's glad she survived to see it.

"You could get a place to live, but I couldn't get life back," Jones said. "So I thank God and the people that helped me."