REIDSVILLE, N.C. — There is proof that humans have been decorating their bodies for centuries and even millennia, according to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, from Otzi the Iceman whose frozen remains from 3200s A.D. were found in 1991 and Chribaya mummies in Peru from 900 A.D. according to the Smithsonian.

It’s no surprise these traditions have been passed on through generations and cultures, delving into the mainstream (i.e., modern-day tattoos).

A pair of Reidsville artists still use bodies as their canvasses today in a unique way, “as a creative and colorful continuation of artistic expression throughout human history.”

Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco met each other at a point in their lives where they were both looking to create something new with their talents.

They’ve now been working together for over 10 years through their business LivingBrush, sparking a growth in the bodypainting community not only in the Triad, but on an international scale.

Together they are the only artists in history to have won all five categories offered at the annual World Bodypainting Festival in Austria between 2011 and 2014.

Thanks to these accomplishments, the couple was featured in 2017 in a TEDxGreensboro on Body Art, later contributing to making Greensboro the home of Living Art America, the largest bodypainting competition in North America which was unfortunately discontinued after 2016.

This summer, as 2019 recipients of the Regional Artist Grant, they will return to compete internationally in the Austrian Festival’s new Team Show category.

Recently, Fray won ‘Best In Show’ in collaboration with Greco at Family Service of the Piedmont’s annual Big Hair Ball.