RALEIGH, N.C. -- A family that plays together...is getting PAID together!

Seventeen family members split a record-winning Cash 5 jackpot worth more than $1,700,000.

It's a tradition to play the lottery in this family.

“Every time the family gets together, the guys start speculating about jackpots,” said family member Mai Khou Vang from Landis.

The seventeen winners, whose families settled in North Carolina from parts of Laos and Vietnam, are Hmong.

During a family barbecue on Saturday, they decided to pool their money and get tickets for that night's Cash 5 drawing. They bought the tickets from the Cubbard Express on US 321 NW in Hickory.

Most family members took home just over $47,000 after taxes.

The odds of winning a Cash 5 jackpot are 1 in 749,398.

  • Kao Yang Lor of Hickory, $47,311
  • Yang Lor of Hickory, $47,311
  • Sue Lor of Hickory, $47,311
  • John Lee of Hickory, $47,311
  • Chia Yang of Morganton, $248,383
  • Vapao Lor of Hickory, $47,311
  • Peng Lo of Hickory,$47,311
  • Chai Lor of Hickory, $47,311
  • Nhia Lor of Polkton, $47,311
  • Yer Lo of Hickory, $23,655
  • Spencer T. Lo of Hickory, $47,311
  • Pao Lo of Hickory, $153,761
  • Mai P. Vang of Landis, $47,311
  • Yang Sao Lor of Hickory, $47,311
  • Sator Lor of Hickory, $70,966
  • Kong Hmoov Brandon Lor of Hickory, $118,277