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Blanca Cobb explains the limits of love

Body Language Expert Blanca Cobb explores the limitations of love

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When we think of weddings, we think of young love—people in their 20s and 30s starting a life together. However, a recent viral video shows an eighty-year-old grandmother shopping for a wedding dress.

This got us thinking about love later in life. The video of a grandmother finding love at 80 gives people hope that they'll be able to find love too. Love isn't just for the young. Anyone can find love at any age.

Some people think that they can't find love at older ages. A lot of the thinking is self-limiting and downright wrong. They think that they're not enough, whether they think that they're not thin enough, established enough, or successful enough, or they think they have too much baggage if they have children, illness, or recovering from addiction. They wonder how someone can really love me if (fill in the blank with any kind of imperfection or negative situation). The problem with this thinking is that you are not only selling yourself short, but you're also limiting someone else's ability to love you. You let your insecurities dictate love instead of allowing for pure love.

To find love at older ages (or any age for that matter), you have to be open to it and invite love into your life. If you want love, then you have to show love. Love is kind, gentle, accepting, forgiving. This mindset will guide your interactions with potential partners.

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