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2 the Rescue: Meet Jemma

Jemma is a laidback cat just looking for a loving owner.

RANDLEMAN, N.C. — Jemma is a 1.5 year old tabby. Jemma is very affectionate cat and demands your attention with talking  and head bumps! 

She loves to roll over and have her belly rubbed and you can always find her on her cat tree ....bird watching . Jemma will be waiting on you at the door to greet you. 

She purrs non-stop and is just a fun loving cat. She is not fond of other kitties but if a cat is laid back and will ignore her then all is good. She has not yet been dog tested. 

Jemma and her kittens were found abandoned in the hot summer.  She needed some TLC and some weight. She has gotten both and her kittens have been adopted.  

Now it's Jemma's turn. If you are interested in making Jemma a part of your family, please visit our website: www.catawareness.irg and fill out our adoption application. 

 For questions about Jemma or any of our other adoptable animals give us a call at 336-953-0925.
The Animal Awareness Society
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