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Cute Alert: K-9 deputy Dixie joins Randolph County Sheriff's Office

Dixie the bloodhound puppy is the newest addition to the Randolph County Sheriff's Department, and she's a whole lot of cute!
Credit: Randolph County Sheriff's Office
The Randolph County Sheriff's Office has a new deputy joining the force! Meet Dixie, the bloodhound puppy.

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — This is a cute emergency. 

The Randolph County Sheriff's Office has a new deputy-in-training. 

Her name is Dixie and she has the best floppy ears. She's a bloodhound puppy! 

The sheriff's office made the announcement about Dixie on Facebook. She's around two months old and was given to the department by a local family to help further the K-9 program. 

The sheriff's office said Dixie will be trained for single-purpose tracking. She'll help sniff out clues, people who are lost, and runners, but for now, she'll just attend meetings and demonstrations as a cute puppy.

Welcome to the force, Dixie! What a girl. 

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