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Crafty bear steals package off Gatlinburg porch

Robin Sutherland sent WBIR the video Wednesday. FedEx had just recently dropped the 33-pound box off at her home.

GATLINBURG, Tenn. — There are porch pirates. And then there are bear burglars.

A young black bear took a liking to a 33-pound package sitting on Robin Sutherland's porch.

As the Gatlinburg woman's Nest camera recorded, the bear slyly strolled up to the box, recently delivered by FedEx, dragged it onto the ground and paused as if checking to see if anyone was watching.

Then, it proceeded to drag the box farther from the house.

Credit: Robin Sutherland
Having dragged the box off the porch, the bear gets a better grip to keep on moving.

Sutherland said she's seen a lot more recent bear activity lately.

"Those holiday thieves are getting an early start," Sutherland said in an email, adding a smiling emoticon.

Sutherland said she has no idea why the bear took a liking to the box, "because the only things in it were chemicals for my fish pond which were in plastic bottles.

"I guess the bear's theory is 'steal now, open out of sight.' "

As always, remember what conservationists say: If you come across a bear, don't engage with it and stay as far away as you can. They're not pets, and they'll prove that to you if you get too close.

Also remember that bears will happily avail themselves of any food or garbage that's within reach.

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