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Geese Police can help you get these big, honkin' birds the flock out of your yard

To get geese out of harm's way, call the Geese Police!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Geese are everywhere! Neighborhoods, churches and even the Chick-fil-a parking lot.

The experts say North Carolina has more residential geese flocking to the state and making this their home.

"We do see the population growing all the time," Mary Beth Soto, Geese Police, said.

More geese sometimes means more problems.

Soto says they're very protective, sometimes mean, very messy and can end up in dangerous places.

Canada geese are federally protected which means you can't touch them, scare them or shoot them.

That's where the Geese Police come in.

They train border collies to stalk the geese instead of sheep. They'll hop on a kayak to help the dogs get closer to the birds. Those dogs will then intimidate the geese without ever touching them and essentially scare them away from the property.

Soto says they will go to the area every day until the geese leave.

"A lot of times people have the wrong impression of what we do. Some people think that we actually capture the geese. Some people think what we do is mean to the geese. We do this job because we actually love the geese," Soto said.

Soto says right now we're nearing the end of nesting season and that's why you're probably seeing a lot of goslings around. This makes it even more important to keep them out of harm's way.

"Usually we get a phone call from a new client at nesting season. They will say there's a goose here and he's attacking us and he won't let us into the office. What happens is she'll build her nest somewhere close to the building and once she's sitting on the eggs he's doing all he can to keep everybody away from them. A goose can wait anywhere between eight and 12 pounds and if he's coming at you from 5 feet in the air, that's something," Soto said.

Soto says the pandemic also really impacted the geese. With more parking lots open, many geese were trying to nest there.

"It's one of the best jobs ever because you drive around all day with a dog and the dogs love doing what they do probably more than anything," Soto said.


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