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Ruffling Feathers | Goosemasters are Here to Disturb the Peace and Get Rid of Canada Geese

No species takes advantage of their American liberties more aggressively than Canada geese.

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — "The goal, absolutely, is to make them have a bad day." 

Gwen Kuykendall has been bugging geese for decades now. She co-owns and operates Goosemasters, a service that claims to humanely rid your property of pesky, protected geese. Her secret weapon? Border Collies.

Canada geese are a protected species. Canada geese are intrusive and messy, leaving behind feathers and, according to Kuykendall, 1.5 lbs of waste a day. To get rid of them, companies hire Gwen to unleash her highly trained, fury bouncers to herd and harass the geese. Usually, after a few weeks of bothering, the geese get the message and leave the area.

"[The dogs] love it. When they go home they love to fetch and are a part of the family, but here it's all business," Kody Kuykendall, the border collies' handler said.

"Canada geese traditionally have been a migrating bird, but we've seen recently they are more willing to stay and settle. That's where our team comes in." Kuykendall said.

Recent re-population efforts have worked "almost too well," Kuykendall said, Canada geese numbers are growing at 17 percent a year.

The service in some cases costs as little as $100 per week.

If you want to contact Goosemasters, click the link.

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