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The goose is now loose! Officers free goose trapped in fishing line

The goose got tangled in fishing line and was stuck on piece of debris in the water.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — This goose had a pretty bad trip to the duck pond.

The Knoxville Police Department posted a video on Facebook Wednesday of the goose (which they called a duck but after some Googling, we're pretty sure it's a goose, though we're certainly not experts!) which is obviously struggling and stuck to a piece of debris in the water.

It appears it was tangled up in some old fishing line.

In comes a rowboat, manned by KPD animal control officers, who net the bird and cut it free.

They row back to shore, where they work together to untangle the line from the goose's wing and let it go.

After his release, the goose quicly waddles away, flapping his now freed wings in relief.