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Benefits of being single

Blanca Cobb joins us to talk about National Singles Week and some of the health benefits of living the single life.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — This week is National Singles Week. A common misunderstanding about being single is that being single means you're lonely and missing out on life. But is this really the case?

Being single doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be lonely. You can have very enriching friendships because you can focus your time and attention on your friends. Keep in mind that people in relationships may feel lonely because of relationship difficulties.

According to research published in Peer J. suggests that single people tend to exercise more than people in a relationship. In the study, the odds of meeting the World Health Organization guidelines for exercise were 70% higher for single people than married people. This might be because they're better able to dictate their time as they choose and aren't pulled in different directions like someone who's coupled up.

You tend to have more time for self-care when you're single by choice because of your primary responsibility to yourself. As a result, you tend to be less stressed and more relaxed.

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