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Anxiety about the new year

Some people are feeling overwhelmed and pressured to wrap up the year on a positive note.

The countdown to the new year is ticking. With each stroke of the clock, many feel overwhelmed and pressured to wrap up the year on a positive note. It doesn’t matter if it’s decluttering your home, do-it-yourself project, finishing a resume, or getting the car fixed; the feeling of not being able to do it all can cause many of us to do nothing.

When you start to feel overwhelmed, you can combat that anxiety by doing a few things. First, take a deep breath, which lets you focus on your breathing and helps you relax. Second, take a break from whatever you’re doing and walk into another room. A change of scenery helps change your mindset. Third, do something different that will distract you from the overwhelming uncertainty that you get it all done. Maybe you wash dishes, take a walk, help someone with something. It can be a short 15–30-minute break. This is effective because you’re not focusing on what you can’t get done.

After you control the overwhelming feeling, stop focusing on the endgame, which is the big project completed because it’s like saying that you can’t see the forest through the trees. Instead, figure out what’s left for you to do and then break it down into easy, bitesize, manageable steps. This helps because you’re able to see the finish line.

It’s natural to feel the pressure when the clock is running down. If you start to feel overwhelmed again, you have to fight the urge not to let the overwhelming feeling take control of your progress and your mindset. And you can do this by starting this process over. The more this becomes routine, the easier it’ll be to handle overwhelming feelings.

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