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How you can help your students deal with college rejection

Body language expert Blanca Cobb shares ways to help students deal with college rejection.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — High School seniors who've applied to colleges for 2023 fall admittance will start to hear from admission committees soon. 

UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University will notify students who applied for early action by the end of this month.

Along with excitement for those who get accepted, there will be a disappointment for those who get denied. There are varying degrees of disappointment, from sadness to anger. Students should be allowed to process their disappointment. For some students, it might take a couple of weeks. It's the catastrophic thinking that you have to monitor. 

If your student internalizes the rejection to mean that they won't be successful or won't get a good job, or they don't want to go to college anymore because they aren't going to the college that they want to go to, then it's time to talk with them.

When talking to your student, point out people you know who didn't get into the college they wanted. Your student probably doesn't realize that it's more common than they think. You might also want to talk about the field of study, what they learn and how they apply the information to help determine success. Just because you go to a particular college doesn't guarantee success. It's your student's determination, drive, and grit that do.

Talking about the positives of the other college options and, if you can visit the school would help your student. Explore what the college offers about campus life, campus living, activities, internships, career opportunities, study abroad, and part-time jobs.

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